Third Cardinal Rule

The Third Cardinal Rule says that:
“Time heals almost everyting. Give it time.”

Third Cardinal Rule is about Time
Third Cardinal Rule is about Time
How much time? When is has time passed enough so that I should be ‘over it’? Well, that depends on you, the situation, and most importantly your willingness to accept things for the way that they are NOW versus the way that you wanted them to be. Or am I mixing my thoughts here?
I often find that I am quick to react and slow to let go. Not that I hold a grudge against someone who I feel has wronged me in some way, but I am slow to let them back ‘in’. I’ll hold the relationship at a distance for a while, sometimes years, before I am willing to give it another chance. There have also been friends in my past who I’ve just completely let go. (disclaimer: if i haven’t been in touch with you for a while, that does NOT mean that you’ve wronged me in some way. Unless you have. Then that’s exACTLY what it means.) The Third Cardinal Rule asks us to apply tincture of time to those wounds, reassuring us that most circumstances that need healing can be healed by waiting for time to pass.
Really? Or is it that we should allow time to work things out, rather than either expect them to work out NOW or give up on them if they don’t? I think it is that one. As in, “everything will be better when it is over. if it isn’t better, it isn’t over.”
Certainly we want relationships to heal quickly and to get on with our lives right effing now as soon as possible, and likely they will. It’s just that ‘as soon as possible’ doesn’t always mean NOW.
Give things time.
If you need to put a little extra work into it, do that. Just don’t forget to give it tincture of time as well.
Be Well, Do Good.

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