Muffin Eggs ‘periment

so i made some muffin eggs.what is a ‘muffin egg?’ you ask? basically it is an omlette that has been made in a muffin tin. like this:

My Muffin Eggs
My Muffin Eggs

Looks easy enough, right? I’ve been seeing muffin eggs flying aroung my SM streams for the past few weeks, but have managed not to fall into their trap.
Kinda like building things with pallets. I mean, we’ve ALL seen them, gone ga-ga over some elaborate backyard club house presumably made DIY with discarded pallets. AMIRIGHT? Yea. Ever tried to steal those from stores lug one of them suckers around and put it in your Honda FIT? Yea, i dint think so.
My first Muffin Eggs ‘periment didn’t come out as pretty as the ones up there. They start out like this, though, taken from Pinterest:

Pinterest Muffin Eggs from

Oh, wait. These are still raw. HA! Don’t eat these. EAT MINE!
What did I put in my Muffin Eggs ‘Periment? Since I was making them for our 17yo, I asked him what he wanted in his. He said, “ham, provolone cheese, green peppers, and onion.” Please. So I chopped some of that up and put some of it into the muffin tin that I had lubed up with some butter. MMMMMMMmmmmmm, butter. (apparently one of my brothers in law used to eat it by the stick when he was a wee lad…) MMMMMmmm….butter…..
Right, right…sorry. I then whisked up one egg for each muffin spot. One.Egg.At.A.Time…because, well, the recipe says one egg per spot. After about 6 of these, i just whisked the last 6 together in a bowl and poured it into the muffin tin. VOILA! Whacked it in the oven (Naked Chef, anyone?) at 350 for 20 minutes and Bob’s your uncle….Muffin Eggs! Like this….

Puffy Muffin Eggs
Puffy Muffin Eggs

Thing is, though, is that while they are finishing up they get all puffy and pretty, right, (in my head, it was Jamie Oliver’s voice who said that…) but when they cool, they flatten out (sweeps arm over muffin eggs to demonstrate flattening out). Result is this:

Flat Muffin Eggs
Flat Muffin Eggs

Have you made food that you saw on social media? How did it turn out?

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