Wow, has it been a MONTH?

Not just a month since i’ve posted, but also as in “what a month this has been!” Started out all fun and exciting with a trip to Reebok HQ. Tracey and I went there to be trained as BOKS Kids Trainers.
If you aren’t familiar with BOKS KIDS, check out their program here. One highlight is that this is smack in the middle of the facility. Yea. I want THIS. IMG_20150317_121158717IMG_20150317_121253750
The rest of that week was a doozy. Work stresses and home stresses and all kinds of things like that had my fun meter pegged at 11.IMG_20150319_162832 I was nearing my wit’s end, and was struggling. My back and hip have been bothering me again, and this is sending me into a tailspin.
Then, though, it was time for B’s 9th birthdaaaaaaaay party at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center. For personal reasons, I’m not linking to them, but here are some pictures from the time we spent at that venue. The kids had a good time, the cake was well received, and lots of little eyeballs got burned from the chemicals in the water…IMG_20150328_190749IMG_20150329_144524IMG_20150329_132642508IMG_20150329_144754525IMG_20150329_133224Bryce has been big into the series “Arrow”, so he wanted a cake decorated like Deathstroke’s minions’ masks. We also got some yellow face masks and I painted the right side with black hair spray, so that was fun. Most of the kids had no idea who Deathstroke was (nor do they now), but B had a blast with his green mask, cake, gifts, water, and friends.
The next day was his actual birthday, but it was a school day, and the poor dude had to get up and go. For fun, we decided (well, I decided) to have us wear the same shirts. We got them when we went to the Polar Caves this past summer. We’re dorks like that. IMG_20150330_071516868
Later that afternoon, though, he was complaining about his lower right jaw hurting. Hurting as in i-will-be-up-all-night-in-pain-but-will-not-take-any-medicine. Yea, good times. I camped out with him, and of course he slept with his head at the foot of the bed and his feet buried in my gut, chest or neck. When he awoke that morning, he was still in pain and his jaw was puffed out. Like this….can you see it? Ugh. Poor dude.
IMG_20150401_071236196 Yea, his winter jacket (it IS Spring, right?) We were lucky and Tracey was able to get him an appointment for 9, and pretty much first thing in the morning on his first day as a 9 year old, poor B was sitting in the chair that most people loathe.IMG_20150331_090348 X-ray reveals that there’s an adult tooth forcing its way into his mouth like a bull in Pamplona.PamplonaBul See? Poor tooth is just jammin’ in there.IMG_20150331_090515999_HDR Come to find out, his gum was infected and he was prescribed anti-biotics to calm things down. Oh, and he’ll need 3 teeth extracted before too long. So far, 9 pretty much sucks for him. Happily, though, he takes things in stride (after the initial meltdown!) and he’s downstairs right now hopping around while playing video games.
I got some bad news about my back, too, but we’ll save that for next post. It has certainly been a month to remember!

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