Five Moves for Five Minutes

How often have you heard (or said!) these statements?
“I’m too busy to exercise.” “I don’t have any equipment.” “I have no space to workout.”
Today I would like to offer you “Five Moves for Five Minutes” as a challenge to each one of those statements. Don’t get hung up on the Five Minutes part, though; some of you may be able to do this in less time, others it might take more time. If you give it your best shot, regardless of how long it takes you, your heart rate and breathing WILL go up, and you’ll likely feel much better afterward. The sense of accomplishing this in a short period of time will have you challenging your friends and family to try to do it as well.
Without further ado, here are the Five Moves for Five Minutes:Five for Five
10 Prisoner Squats
5 Broad Jumps
10 Reverse Lunge with kick
16 Mountain Climbers
10 Mary Catharines

Do THREE ROUNDS of these for time. Each move is done right after the other with only a short break in between rounds. Remember, you’re trying to get this done quickly, but never sacrifice form for speed. Five Moves for Five Minutes. GO!

Need clarification on some moves?
Broad jumps: stand feet shoulder width apart. Jump forward as far as you can. Not a hop, a jump. Turn around. Jump back (wanna kiss myself!).
Reverse Lunge with Kick: Instead of just returning your back leg to the start position, kick it forward like you are bustin’ down a door. Then return your foot to the start position.
Mary Catharines are the same as jumping lunges.

Maybe I should do some video instructions? BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA…….

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