Book Review: Make Success Manadatory

Recently I was fortunate to be given a copy of Jeremy Scott’s new book Make Success Mandatory to read and review. I’ve been a Jeremy Scott fan for a while, and it was an honor to be chosen to have a small part in his latest venture. Just the title of the book grabbed my attention; who DOESN’T want to be successful?

Make Success Mandatory
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Even though Make Success Mandatory is a short book (70 pages), Jeremy packs it full of solid advice backed with personal stories not only of his successes, but also his failures. This, to me, is a key component of the book. It is always nice for me to hear of the struggles that successful people had to overcome in order to succeed.
Make Success Mandatory is set up with “exercises” rather than chapters, and each new exercise builds on the previous exercises, reminding the reader that there is not ONE step to success, but a series of steps. Exercise #1 begins by asking “Do you sincerely want thee most from your life,” and guides the reader by asking questions such as, “Do you run your day, or does your day run you?” and “Are you giving the world your full potential each day?”
Later in the book Jeremy encourages you to “STOP TRYING TO FIT IN” and “Don’t worry about it, don’t wish for it. Just work for it.” Sound advice, in my opinion! Make Success Mandatory encourages the reader to stretch what they believe is possible in their lives, but does not condone stepping on people to get what you want. One exercise is devoted to “Just be nice to people,” and he says, “Be the positive force, be the bright light, and be the example everywhere you go.” Word.
At the end, Jeremy challenges us to Make Success Mandatory by outlining a seven day Mandatory Mindset Assessment. I’ll be starting mine TODAY, 2AUG15. Let’s see how this goes!
Don’t be fooled by the size of this book; Jeremy Scott manages to hit several key elements of success in Make Success Mandatory. It is a book that you’ll read through quickly, then go back through with a highlighter for emphasis, then likely re-read to help gauge your success while you try, for yourself, to make success mandatory.

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