I figured that I’d jump on the AB AMRAP video bandwagon. Why not, right? Usually there are very fit, very lively young ladies who step up to the plate (stage?) and post some videos.

I’m pretty much the exact opposite of that. Give this video a gander if you are looking for a different AB AMRAP challenge, but try not to fall asleep during the narration. When I played it back, i kinda sound like a film-strip narrator from jr high science class. (go ahead, young ones, google film-strips…..we’ll wait.)

AMRAPs are a great way to squeeze in a challenging and beneficial workout when you don’t have much time. This one uses NO equipment, so toss that excuse right out the window. Make sure that you don’t sacrifice form for reps; that’s a recipe for injury! Give your honest best effort. Come back to it in a few weeks and see how you’ve improved. AMRAPs are good benchmarking workouts.

I hope you have fun with this AB AMRAP challenge. Might be fun to do more videos, i suppose….

Peace, yo.

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