My squash soup adventure

"Oh, look. They're playing LEAP frog!"
“Oh, look. They’re playing LEAP frog!”
Ahh, autumn. Root veggies. Crisp, cool air. Of course, squash soup. That’s right. Squash soup. I recently made a very simple squash soup, but learned some valuable lessons along the way. I’m going to share all of that with you. You can thank me later. (cash is always accepted, of course. or gift cards to like, Amazon or EMS or Supercuts).
For the past several years I’ve been fiddling around with root veggie soups. I LOVE to make them; the earthy smells while they roast, the herbs while simmering….yea, totally my thing.
I believe that it was last year or the year before when I saw a recipe posted on my pal Cathy White’s page Planet Veggie for a squash soup. I made it, it was fun, and deeeelish. Not one to ever follow a recipe twice, this go ’round I decided to change it up a bit when I made MY squash soup.
Quite simply, I started with an acorn squash and a butternut squash. I halved and cleaned the butternut squash and set it aside on a cutting board, face up.
squash soup
butternut squash
The acorn squash met a more disastrous fate; I halved it, gutted it, then hacked it into chunks before chucking it into a big metal bowl.
squash soup
acorn squash

I drizzled some EVOO on the squashes, then added a dash of this and a dash of that spice. Mostly it was red pepper flakes, herbs de provence, thyme, cumin, and ground pepper. I tossed the acorn squash around in the bowl to ensure that each piece had a good coating. The butternut squash was still just sitting there on the cutting board, waiting patiently to be roasted and turned into squash soup.
While all of this chopping and gutting had been going on, the oven had been heating up to 375F. I placed the acorn squash into a ceramic quiche dish and the butternut squash face DOWN onto a cookie sheet, then chucked them both into the hot oven.
If you enjoy wine or another beverage, now would be a good time to enjoy some. This roasting process is going to take about 45 minutes. When poked with a fork, the squashes should be soft and the fork should go right in. You’ll have to flip the butternut over to see that one. If it isn’t quite ready, leave it face UP for the remainder.
Once out of the oven, take the marrow out of the skins and put them into a big bowl. Mash them all around, combining the two squashes. If you like smooooth squash soup, feel free to bash them around abit more to break up the chunks, if any.
In a large pot, add 4 cups of veggie soup stock (I used bullion cubes, but only THREE with 4 cups of water because HELLO, SODIUM!), then add the bashed up squash, stirring to break it up. Heat to a simmer, tasting frequently and adding more herbs as needed. Keep simmering it for a while, serve hot, but allow to cool completely before putting in airtight containers in the fridge.
steps and final soup
squash soup

For me, the only way that this could have been better is if I had one of these bowls from “The Birdcage” to put the squash soup in.

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