Never Mind Can’t

For most of my life, I’ve been the guy in the room spewing things like, “never mind can’t! what CAN you do? Do THAT.” You know, the positive, up-beat guy who people shunned? That was me. Until lately.
I’m not sure what happened, but for the past year or so I have chosen to see the negative, or ‘down’ side of most situations rather than see or SEEK the ‘up’ side.
“How’s that working for ya?,” you might ask. Not well.
This past spring I spent some time on the treadmill, brainstorming about what changes I wanted to make during the coming summer. One of the things that I wrote was, “Never mind CAN’T. What CAN you do? Do that.” I was so inspired by my brilliance that I took a picture of what I had written, printed it out, and placed it on my headboard so that I would be visible every day.


It soon fell behind the bed, only to be consumed by the dust bunnies and fur-balls. I reached under once to try to clean things up and had to go the hospital to get my tetanus booster. HAHAHAHA…no, not really. Tracey keeps things pretty clean around the house (by pretty clean I mean immaculate).
This past Saturday I had a bad day. Melted down. Spent most of the day curled up on the couch, not feeling well physically, emotionally, or mentally. I cried during a Progressive commercial. That Flo, she gets to me, you know?
Tracey and I had a decent discussion (she talked, I listened), and every time I would list things that I CAN’T DO, she would say, “Why don’t we focus on the things that you CAN do?”
At the time, I wasn’t able to come up with much. Two days later, I am still struggling, but haven’t given up.
It was that little push (kick in the ass) that I needed. She reminded me of what I had written down last spring.
If there is someone in your life who could use that kick, what’s stopping you from giving it? In this Season of Giving, feel free to give that certain special someone the push (kick in the ass) that they need but might not ask for on their own.
You’ll both be glad you did.
Thank you, Tracey.


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