Be the pig

What is Bigzig talking about now? “Be the pig??” Huh? What?
Be the pig. Not the chicken.
We’ve all made goals, or have ideas about getting involved (or more involved) with things that interest us; community activities, family activities, personal development classes, etc., etc…
Then for some reason, we stop short of going all the way. “Not enough time in the day.” “My hip/leg/back/arm hurts.” “What if it is a disaster?” Do any of these sound familiar?
They do to me, because I’ve said them all. Many times. Recently.
I’ve decided that this needs to stop. I am encouraging you to stop, too. Time for me to “Be the pig.” Time to switch from being involved to being committed.
Here’s what I mean. Think about a bacon and eggs breakfast. The chicken was involved, the pig is committed.
Be the pig.

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