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Ad. Yep, I use this product. Yes, I have a discount code that I can share for a TWENTY PERCENT discount off of COCOGO – Real Fruit Hydration.
The code is BIGZIGFITNESS. Go to NOW (and later!) to get in on the discount.
I don’t get a kick-back or a chunk of affiliate moolah if you buy it using my code. The only thing that I DO get is a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you are taking advantage of a GREAT alternative to those NASTY-AZZ sports drinks. Ew.
I’ve been using the Real Fruit Hydration of Cocogo for about 3-4 years now. When I used to run long, I would use it in my water bladder. Now, I drink it at work, take it with me when I travel, and even drink the Raspberry Passion Fruit flavor as ‘tea.’ It mixes very well with water, but it mixes BEST with room-temp water and not water that is already cold. It isn’t magic, it’s SCIENCE.

Real Fruit Hydration
Real Fruit Hydration

Why does Cocogo call themselves “Real Fruit Hydration?” Here’s your answer, right from their website
Real fruit, real flavor
Lemon Lime. Raspberry Passion Fruit. Grape. Our all-natural, gluten-free flavors beat boring water, outperform plain coconut water, and trample too-sweet sports drinks.
Nothing but natural
People prefer the light, natural taste of Cocogo to artificial sports drinks. Every flavor is all natural, gluten free, and totally tasty.
Taste keeps you drinking
It’s a simple concept: the more you like the taste, the more you’ll drink–and the more hydrated you’ll be. Say bye-bye to boring water and artificial sports drinks.

See? What’s not to like? Oh, you don’t like coconut water? That’s ok. I don’t, either. But this?? LOVE IT. Tastes NOTHING like typical coconut waters. It tastes like Real Fruit. My favourite flavour is the LEMON-LIME. It comes in convenient single serving tubes that fit anywhere and won’t leak everywhere. Honest.

Alright, enough from me. Head over to their site and give them a CocoGO. HAHAAH..see what I did there? OH! don’t forget to use my code BIGZIGFITNESS to save yourself TWENTY PERCENT!!!!!

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