“Are you giving away bisphenol a?”

As usual, I have an information table set up for our education day at work. For the past three years, twice a year, I’ve had a table that has had a wide variety of topics. Today’s version was about giving away bisphenol a sugar content in popular drinks.
I’m willing to hazard a guess that many of you have seen displays in one place or another (one staff member said that she’d seen one in her dentist’s office) showing the amount of sugar in popular drinks using either baggies of loose sugar, sugar cubes, or empty drink bottles with sugar in them. Right? Have you ever stopped to actually LOOK at what is being explained? Here’s my set up:

bisphenol a
sugar display
See the water bottles on the corners? Those were freebies. On my way to work this morning I stopped at our local Circle K (nothing strange was afoot at that Circle K) and bought two cases. Seven bucks. Big deal, really. Staff appreciates the free waters.
One of our doctors, a Nephrologist (fancy word for kidney doctor), stopped and asked, “Are you giving away bispheno a?” I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Yes. And if you leave it in your car for a while first, you’ll get a bonus dose.” Which today is kind of a JOKE.
spring in VT
Go home, Spring. You’re drunk.

But back to the sugar. It was very interesting to see the faces on people when they realized that there are 77g of sugar in a 20oz. bottle of Mtn Dew. Even MORE shocked to see it translated into 39 sugar cubes! The discussion was that most people would never consider sitting down to lunch and eating 40 sugar cubes, but that many people have NO issue with sitting down and DRINKING 40 sugar cubes. For comparison sake I also had a bottle of OJ, and which contains 17 cubes. One person said, “skip the juice, just eat the fruit!” So true.
Most of the people who looked at the display with coworkers were judgmental of THEMSELVES, but not of others. I even had one come back with her phone so she could take a picture to share with her daughter who was trying to come up with an idea for her school science project. BAM! Now I need to come up with another display for the next education day…
Have you done any displays like this? What are some things that you think would strike home like sugar? Fat content?
Hit me up in the comments.
In the mean time, here’s some info about bisphenol a.
bisphenol a
bisphenol a

BPA in low doses (Science Daily)
BPA replacements (Consumer Affairs)

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