ClifBar Builder Bars are PROTEIN-LICIOUS!

I received products to sample and distribute; all of my opinions are honest and accurate. I love ClifBar Builder Bars. The folks at @TeamClifBar make a great product that travels well (yes, it melts, but only when it gets really hot, which is rare here) and agrees with my digestive system.

Though they come in more than just two flavors, my favourite ones are Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

ClifBar Builder Bar Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Mint BuilderBar
ClifBar Builder Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Peanut Butter BuilderBar

In fact, as I sit in my office and type this, I’m JONESING for a BuilderBar. Doesn’t matter that I didn’t just crush my workout (I didn’t) or that I’m not going for a long run later (I’m not). The BuilderBar is a great choice for a snack ANYTIME. Seriously. (I’ve just previewed the text. WTF is up with the formatting???) Onward… As a Nurse, albeit a desk nurse, I’m never quite sure when I’ll be able to have a proper lunch or bite to eat, and having these around are fantastic. Thing is, though, I didn’t bring any today. What the heck was I thinking??? I advise you to go out and buy a bunch and keep them handy at work, the gym, or even in your nightstand. You just never know when you’ll want one.

A good buddy of mine, Dr. James Pitarys, is a chiropractor in Lyme, NH. He prefers to ride/race his road bike, but has been dabbling in running for the past few years as well. This summer he told me that he is going to focus on strength training for the next few months, so I brought him a few handfuls of ClifBar BuilderBars to help keep his nutrition in line and make it easier for him to make smart snack choices while at work. Here we are, in his waiting room; two self professed ADHD athletes. Lord help our wives.

BuilderBar Buddies
BuilderBar Buddies

Do you have young athletes in your family? Instead of sending them to school with home made chocolate chip cookies, send them to me to school with a BuilderBar tucked into their backpack. It will help keep their bellies full and packs 20g of protein to help with recovery and muscle growth. (Sample sizes were smaller, containing only 10g of protein. this explains my small-ish muscles.)

BuilderBars get a 4 out of 4 star rating from BigZig. Follow them on Twitter @TeamClifBar for insights, tips, and athlete news. Follow @FitFluential for much of the same. Seriously good tips, recipes, workouts, and all around positivity at FitFluential.

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