Something for Every Body

Something for every body.

ShakeologyOmnitritionIsagenixHerbalifeWeightwatchers, paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, ketogenic….

(note: links provided for reference ONLY. I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed above. If you are, good for you. I wish you success!)

We’ve all either seen these plans/products/modalities, tried one or two, sold one or two, or know one or two (hundred) people who do/did/want to. One of the beautiful aspects of the fitness/well-being industry is that there is something for every body. Yes, something for everybody as well, but stick with me on this.

Just like we all don’t live in the same style house, drive the same car, read the same books, or watch the same TV shows, we don’t all approach fitness/well-being (FWB) the same. Nor should we, say I. I like my coffee BLACK. The darker, the better. My dear wife likes her’s on the light side (blend) with one sweet-n-low and about 50 gallons of french vanilla creamer (specific brand withheld on account of i can’t recall it. seriously. i have a picture of the container in my Evernote account so that i get the right kind when i go grocery shopping….). Do i razz her about her coffee? Of course I do. Lightly, though. Because really, honestly, is it any of my business? No.

Fitness types like to use an the analogy of treating our bodies and what we put into it and compare it to how we treat our cars and what we put into them to keep them running. “Can’t put crappy gas into a Ferrari and expect it to run great, right? Why would we do that to our bodies??,” they chide. Or some other such drivel.

I’m just realizing that i could type about this all day (or at least until the laptop gives me 2nd degree burns to my thighs), so I’ll just get to my point. You’re welcome.

I believe that many of the programs/plans listed above are not sustainable in the long term if you want to be healthy (whateverthehellthatmeansforYOU), but I will not join in on the shame game that is running rampant on the web and in our FWB industry these days.

I KNOW that Shakeology isn’t something that I can (or want) to make part of my life forever. But you know what, at one point in my life, IT FREAKING WORKED for me. It helped me bridge a gap

something for every body
bridge the gap

from where I was at the time to where I wanted to be. Then I moved on. Same thing with going gluten free for a friend of mine. Now she eats whatever the hell she wants (she and I actually need to re-address this situation), but her issues are NOT because of gluten.

So hey, if you want to use Isa-genix or Herbalife or Paleo or count points with Weight-watchers, AND IT IS WORKING FOR YOU….keep on keepin’ on. When it stops working, please be open to consider other options, though. And let others do the same, mmmkay?

Every body and everybody are slightly different, or rather are in different ‘places’ in their lives, and any one of the above listed plans might work NOW to help them bridge a gap. Let it.

Please let the comments fly. I’m sure many of you have some interesting thoughts to share, and I’d like to hear them. Thank you.


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