Mizuno #BreathThermo Review

Welcome to my Mizuno #BreathThermo review! How I love to be able to review running clothing and gear! Before we get started:

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

#BreathThermo Gloves and Half Zip Base Layer

MizunoRunning has a new winter/cooler weather line that I was fortunate to be selected as a tester/reviewer. The entire line can be seen by following this link.
Holy great stuff! Seriously. I have been wearing the #BreathThermo Base Layer Half Zip pretty much constantly since I received it. Very comfortable. The zipper hasn’t jammed on me, and I never got my scruff caught in there, thanks to the wind-blocker behind the zipper.

Mizuno #BreathThermo Base Layer Half Zip
MizunoRunning #BreathThermo Base Layer Half Zip

The men’s Mizuno #BreathThermo top can be seen (and purchased!) here. The material is fairly thin, so I was a little nervous about wearing it for our Vermont winter. I was VERY impressed by how warm I felt. As I began to warm up and continued shoveling, running, or just playing outside, I continued to stay warm and didn’t feel sweaty.

There were several times when I wore it as my outer layer, over a t-shirt and golf shirt, to work. I received many compliments, and one of the parents at our son’s holiday concert asked me where I got it and did I like it? YES!! I love it.

One thing that I do wish they incorporated into the design, however, is THUMB HOLES. Yep. The shirt is a base layer, which presumes the wearer will be putting on another layer, likely one with sleeves. Thumb holes prevent the base layer’s sleeves from riding up and bunching up inside the second layer’s sleeves which is very uncomfortable. So…yea. With thumb holes, this shirt would be FANTASTIC.

#BreathThermo gloves

I love gloves. My hang up about gloves, though, is that once I have them on, I’m usually stuck and unable to do simple tasks like tie shoes, pick up small objects, or take selfies! I mean c’mon! The #BreathThermo gloves from Mizuno Running solved all of those problems.

Not designed to be warn during severely cold weather, the gloves are very thin and are not lined. They are very good at keeping out the wind while I was running, and the sweat produced when I was shoveling was not trapped inside. In fact, it seemed to make them warmer…

The cuff is sufficiently long enough to be tucked underneath the sleeve cuff of any jacket that I wore with them, including the #BreathThermo Base Layer Half Zip. As you can see to the left, the back of the hand has reflective stripes on it. Added bonus? Beneath the stripes lies a pocket! Velcro keeps it closed very well, and I’m not exactly sure what I would put in there…my wife suggested maybe a key, but only a single key, not a set.

The tip of each index finger has some sort of space-age-technology fabric on it, and as a result, you CAN actually use a touch-screen device!! YEA, BABY!! Did I take selfies? Maybe. Yes, I did. AND I was able to pick up small objects and tie shoes with these gloves on.

Mizuno #BreathThermo Gloves
#BreathThermo Gloves

One thing that was a bit of a drawback for me was the size. I’m typically a men’s medium, so that’s what I requested for the trial and review. Putting them on, though, was a bit of a chore. At first I was worried that I would rip them, but they held fast! The opening for your hand is pretty narrow, but once the gloves are on, this translates into no snow getting in there. Good! I found that if I folded the cuff back onto the glove THEN put them on, they went on just fine. The placement of the pocket was a bit high on my hand (owing to the ‘small’ feel?), and if I had put a key in there, it would have been uncomfortable for me to close my hand tightly.

Overall, though, I am VERY HAPPY with these gloves, and even wore THEM as a base layer. BOOM! The #BreathThermo gloves are available here.

Thank you very much to @MizunoRunning and @Fitfluential for the opportunity to test and review these items from Mizuno’s #BreathThermo line.

#Breaththermo gloves and base layer in action!

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