Are you using the GROW model for success?

Are you using the GROW model for personal success? Much like using SMART to help set your goals, GROW can be used as a guideline to help you achieve your goals and keep your life on track. Allow me to try to explain (I’m no expert at having a successful life, trust me on that).
Here is what the letters stand for:
Goal         What do you want?
Reality     What is happening?
Options   What could you do?
Will         What will you do?

Let’s take a look at how you can put the GROW model to work for you. Begin with your goal, let’s say, “I will reduce my A1c by two points within six months.” (find out why here).

GROW model
GROW model for success

Goal:      Reduce A1c by 2 points in 6 months

Reality:   My A1c is currently 8, which puts me in the diabetic category.

Options: I can take medications, find ways to improve my food intake, find ways to increase my activity levels, or do nothing.

Will:        I don’t want to be on medications, so I will look at my food intake and exercise levels. Doing nothing is not an option for me.

Once you’ve established these answers, the next step in the GROW model is to ask yourself the following questions:

What (specifically) are you going to do? Form action steps.
When (specifically) are you going to do it? Pick a start date (now??!!)
What obstacles might you meet along the way? List them. Be open minded to reality.
Who needs to know? Who do you want as your accountability partners? Make sure you pick people who will be willing to call you out when you stray from your goal!
What support do you need? Weekly check ins? Daily? Emails or phone calls?
How/when are you going to get it? Come up with a system to actually get the support that you need.
What other considerations do you have? Holidays or trips coming up that will present challenges?
Rate 1-10 the degree of certainty you have that you will carry out the actions? Be honest with yourself here.
What prevents it from being a 10? Again, be honest. Brutally. Remember, this is YOUR GOAL you are talking about here. Something that YOU, not your boss, not your spouse, not your kids want to accomplish. You.

Seems simple enough, right? The GROW model isn’t really rocket surgery, just another tool to help us improve our lives, and thereby improving the lives of those around us. I encourage you to give the GROW model a try, and to let me know how it works for you.

If you want to add me to your list of support, that’d be great! Please let me know how I can best help you.



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