I wish that was brave enough

A friend of mine just posted this on his FB page. I wish that I was brave enough to do this. #goals.

It’s decided.
I’ve recently had a serious rebirth.
I’m headed on an amazing trajectory.
I’m in the best headspace I’ve ever been.
I’ve been brainstorming some ideas and I’ve decided that it’s time to put them out into the universe. It’s time to share what I want in life. It’s time to turn ideas into goals…measurable objectives.
Here goes…

1) Practice disconnecting…ditch gadgets for a day, week, month…

2) Start a blog to share my thoughts on things. I want the other weirdos in the world to know that they’re not alone when they have offbeat thoughts about life. Plus, I think it’s healthy to vent. I’ve been told many times I need to write a book or make a movie about my life…this is a start

3) I’m going to get in shape, do some networking, and participate in the Volvo Ocean Race by the time I’m 40. Crazy, random goal.

4) I’m going to continue to focus on personal development and growth. I’m going to focus on hobbies and projects more and stop just pondering and collecting them.

5) I’m going to try new things, step out of my comfort zone and try to impact as many lives as I can.

I want to feel vulnerable.
I want to feel scared.
I want to feel terrified.
I want to feel nervous.
I want to FEEL.
I want to stop being so shy and ask that cute girl for her number.
I want to put myself out there.
I want to put off the vulnerability that I appreciate in others.
Scratch that, I’m going to!
I’m going to push myself like never before in so many facets of life.
I’m going to dig my discipline out of whatever closet I stashed it in and put it to use.
I’m going to continue to get better at following up. I learned in the Navy that following up is 90% of success.
Join me!

Be love, my friends

I love this. Would that I were brave enough…

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