If we could…

If we could get up half an hour earler, then we could exercise/meditate/clean/study/whatever.
If we could all agree on a policy, then we could be much more productive at work.
If we could help the kids to go to sleep earlier, we could spend some quality time together (wink wink).

Does this line of thinking resonate with you? How about this:

If I could stop eating ice cream, I would be able to fit into my swim suit this year.
If I could focus on my goals, I would be a happier person.
If I could learn to communicate more effectively with my spouse, I would have a happier marriage.

There are so many things in life, at least in MY life, where if I took this kind of approach and then ACTED on the “If I could…” portion, then I WOULD be able to effect change. I SWEAR that this is true. It must be. HAS to be.

If we could
can you tell I’m wearing adult diapers? maybe I’m not.

Why am I so confident? Simply because this ISN’T the way I’m doing it, and I’m NOT getting the results that I want. Therefore, a different approach has got to work. Why haven’t I made the switch?

Fear. Plain and simple fear. Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. Fear of not being ‘enough,’ whateverthefuckthatmeans. So I’ve remained where I am; unable to figure out what is driving me crazy, unable to take that step forward toward positive change.

And I need to stop this.
Where are you on the change spectrum? More on the stages of change coming soon.

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