Let’s talk about GREEN TEA, baby…

We all know by now that I love my coffee. What you likely did NOT know was that I like my GREEN TEA even more.

And not that Lipton green tea crap. Or Bigalow/Bigelow…whatever. I mean REAL GREEN TEA. Loose leaf. Has a distinct aroma, not like cardboard. I was introduced to green tea while in Japan as an exchange student, then during the years spent working in Japanese restaurants in my 20’s. Life kinda took over, and I lost track of my teas. Recently, however, I was fortunate to be asked by Nanami Green Tea to review a selection of green tea varieties. Sencha (sen-cha), hojicha (ho-gee-cha), matcha (ma-cha), and genmaicha (gen-ma-i-cha)(“gen” sounds like -gain in ‘again’, not ‘gen’ like ‘generator). Genmaicha is by far my favourite tea of all time.

green tea
#7daysgreentea Green Teas from Nanami Green Tea

What’s the difference? Isn’t green tea…well, green tea? No. Sencha is probably what most people think of when they think of green tea. It is green when brewed, and has a distinct odor and flavor. If you’ve tried it and thought, “wow, green tea is very bitter!”, then you’ve been handed a poorly brewed cup. When brewing green tea, don’t boil the water, and only let it steep for less than 2 minutes, sometimes less, depending on the variety.

sencha green tea
sencha green tea

You only need about 2 Tbsp per serving, and I’ve found that I can get 2-3 cups out of 2 Tbps of leaves.
Hojicha is brown when brewed, since the leaves are roasted rather than simply dried like sencha.
hojicha green tea
hojicha green tea

To be honest, I didn’t try the matcha, which is a powdered green tea. Why not? Simply because I was lazy. I COULD have used it in a smoothy, but since life was crazy at the house with the new job, basketball schedule, and getting ready for a trip for vacation, I didn’t have the other ingredients for a smoothy on hand, and, well, dropped the ball on this one. I WILL, however, make some when I get back. Stay tuned for a youtube video review of matcha!

Lastly is my personal favourite, GENMAICHA. This traditional tea is also known as “people’s tea,” and is made with roasted rice added as a filler. Historically, this was done to reduce the cost of the teas so that common people could afford the tea. When brewed ‘correctly,’ genmaicha is slightly yellow in color, and has a hint of smokey aroma.

genmaicha (my fave!)
genmaicha #7daysgreentea
Learn more about my favourite tea on the Nanami Green Tea web site!

Big DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU to the folks at Nanami Green Tea and Fitfluential for this opportunity. You can bet I’ll be ordering some more tea when I get home from vacation! #7daysdrinkgreen

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