Why will I try it? To see if I CAN.

I have been struggling with goal setting and direction for the past three years or so. Every time I sit down to think about my “why,” I fall short. In the not-so-distant past I have been able to set goals and (mostly) achieve them. In retrospect it seems that I MUST have had a solid WHY back then. You know, something grand as a reason to achieve this or that. I went through a period a few months ago when I basically gave up on trying to set goals, or for finding a reason do to something beyond simply get through the day or the week.
That’s changing today, though.
As far as physical goals go, my biggest achievement would likely be completing the Vermont 50 fifty mile trail race back in 2013. I haven’t run much since then; at least not with a race goal in mind. I’ve done some here and there, and have run miles while testing shoes for Reebok (I LOVE that gig!). Just not back into the racing scene. Yet. Over the past few days I’ve been trying to rediscover the WHY that I ‘must’ have had in place back then while I was training. I’d run nearly every single day. Or night. Didn’t matter. I was trying to get time on my feet in all kinds of weather, at various times of the day, in a variety of stages of being already fatigued.

to see if i can
got mud?

What I’ve learned, though, is that pretty much the ONLY reason I trained for and ran the VT50 was simply “to see if I can.” How simple is that, really? I didn’t enter to prove to my parents that I was better than they said I was. I didn’t do it to show my high school track coach that I really COULD be a runner. I didn’t do it for bragging rights (ok, maybe a little). I did it to show myself that I CAN do things like run a 50 mile trail race. I entered two Spartan races (sprints…let’s not go crazy here) with no training (literally. found out about the first one on a Wednesday, ran it on Saturday, at Killington. you can read about it here), I’ve run 2 marathons (Philly and Chi-town) and a handful of half marathons. Why? To see if I CAN.

This morning I set a new fitness goal for myself which I will share with you later this week. Laying it all out here, on the bloggity-blog, so that in 125 years my great grand kids can come back and see what I tried to do, just to see if I CAN.

See you later in the week.

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