What is BigZig up to now? A new fitness goal, to see if I CAN.

Have you ever created a new fitness goal? Earlier this week I posted about finally finding a good ‘why’ for me to apply to goals. Did you read it? Basically, I’m setting this new fitness goal to see if I CAN. No other reason. At least not yet.
My new goal, to put it simply, is to look like this by the time I reach his age (as photographed):my new fitness goal
If you don’t know, this is Sean Penn. Yes, that Sean Penn. He was 52 when this photo was taken. I’m currently 48. That gives me 4 years (almost) to see if I CAN. Like in running races, I’ll apply my 3 goals for this ‘event.’ “A” goal is to achieve it in 2 years. “B” is 3 years, and “C” is four years. The overarching goal is, of course, not to DIE while attempting this new fitness goal. And no, the amount of hair on my head will not be a deciding factor in determining if I do in fact achieve this goal.
There ARE some quantitative data points that will apply, however, and I will be sharing those with you shortly. Yay, DATAAAAAAA.

We have a machine at my place of employ that we use on all of our clinic patients. It is a Biometrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) machine. It uses small electrical pulses to determine many aspects of body composition. For what it’s worth, you can read about the machines here or here (no endorsement implied; just two different company’s explanations). For my new fitness goal, I decided to take my measurements to see where I am now, and will do this periodically to help me gauge my progress. Here, then, are is my starting data:
Age: 48
Height: 173.5cm
Weight: 74.15kg (163.47lbs)
Waist: 86.0cm (33.86in)
BMI: 24.63 (25 is the cut-off for ‘overweight’)
% fat: 21.3%
Fat mass: 34.83lbs
Muscle mass: 62.2lbs
VAT: 1.8L
RMR: 1724

Many of you might not be familiar with Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) or Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). I will explain those two measurements and their significance in a future post.

Whew. So there you have it. My current measurements, beginning my attempt to achieve my new fitness goal. Please feel free to comment or post questions along the way. Maybe we’ll all learn a little bit of something. #squadgoals.

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