Bigzig’s December 2017 Step Challenge!

Thank you for being interested in Bigzig’s December 2017 Step Challenge!!!! Here’s just a quick description of what it involves, how you can take part, and when the step challenge will begin. step challenge
To put things succinctly:

    Step Challenge will run from DECEMBER 4TH (MONDAY) THROUGH DECEMBER 31ST.
    Individuals will send me their daily step count via FB, email, or some other way which we can discuss.
    Deadline for previous day is 0900 if you want to be included in the daily posting. (ex: send me Tuesday’s number by 0900 on WEDNDESDAY so that I can blog about it later that day.)
    I will post results on FB and my blog page, HOPEFULLY by midnight each day.
    As I have done with a previous step challenge, I will find an interesting route for us to travel and post updates about interesting things along the way with a map of our progress. Where we go will depend largely on the number of people entered into the challenge.

I will convert steps to miles based on this chart. I averaged the steps listed for all heights listed, and the average is 2,267 steps per mile.

This step challenge is not a competition among participants (hey, it will likely happen anyway!), but more of a way to get us to challenge ourselves and each other to get more steps in every day. I don’t have any prizes or categories lined up yet, but I’m sure that, given the 31 days, I’ll come up with something ‘fun.’

Ok, so WHO’S IN??? Grab your friends, co-workers, family members!! Please let me know your info using the form below (i THINK it works, but not 100% sure!). If it doesn’t work, we’ll figure something out. You can also let me know via my FB page !!!
Again, thank you for joining in!

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