December 2017 Step Challenge Results!

Numbers are all in, and I am thrilled to share with you my December 2017 Step Challenge Results!
We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.
HA! Tiffany would NEVER let me get away with that, would you, Tiffany?? Here, then, are the step challenge results:

FOUR people, including myself, participated in the challenge.
75% were female. Step Challenge Results
75% are in the healthcare profession, 25% in education.
25% traveled to a foreign country during the challenge.
At least 75% suffered some sort of illness during the challenge.
100% of the participants are working parents.
Also worth mentioning, 75% of the participants didn’t follow directions and started tracking on the 1st rather than the 4th like the rules said.

Step Challenge Results
Boston to Baltimore

Total Miles walked = 410 miles. To put that into perspective, it is 402 miles from Boston Common (Boston, MA) to Ft. McHenry (Baltimore, MD).(Bonus points if you comment with the significance of Ft. McHenry.) This includes stops along the way at Central Park (NYC) and Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA.

Consistency was definitely the rule for us. Take a look at this beautiful chart showing miles per week for the four of us: JUST KIDDING. I tried to copy and paste the chart from my Google Docs, but it didn’t work. Picture if you will, then, four different colored lines going pretty much straight across the page.
Alright, have you had enough mind-games? Are you ready for the Step Challenge Results? Sure? Ok.
Most Steps = Tiffany! Tiffany logged 289,662 steps, or 127.8 miles. Her highest day was 12-15, logging 11,870 steps!!!!
Farthest Traveled = Nancy! Nancy and her hubs went to MEXICO (or some spanish speaking country down where it is HELLA warmer than here) early in December, and man, did they walk a LOT! Her total steps were 209,445. Highest day was just recently (12-30) with 16,804 steps!!!
Most Consistent = Melissa! Her daily averages, week to week, were within 600 steps. Melissa was ALSO the only person who followed directions and started tracking on the 4th. As such, her total steps were 225,938!
Caboose = BigZig! With 204,529 steps, BigZig logged the fewest number of steps. When asked why, he said it was because of all of the time that he had to spend sitting down and logging results from other participants. HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….

I hope that Tiffany, Nancy, and Melissa had some fun this month sending me numbers. I’d like to think that being part of the challenge helped to push us all to walk a little more than we might have otherwise. Do you and your friends or co-workers want to participate in a fun challenge, but aren’t sure how to manage it, or can’t find the time to do it? I can ‘manage’ 3 groups of <=20. If you are interested, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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