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How would you like to win some coaching? Maybe for yourself, maybe for someone you love who needs it but can’t afford it? Here’s how:
Next weekend I will be participating in the annual Vermont Special Olympics Penguin Plunge. Some friends of mine from The Endurance Society are jumping into Lake Champlain (the VT side!) to help raise money for the Vermont Special Olympics; it will be our third year doing it. Call us crazy, but we look forward to this event every year.
What does this have to do with ‘win some coaching’?
I’m trying to raise some money for the event. I HATE asking for donations, especially this time of year. As an incentive for YOU to donate to this charity, I’m offering the chance for you to win some coaching. Here’s the deal:

win some coaching
Me, in the spikey hat!

Every $5 donation earns you one entry into the ‘hat’. So, yes, $10 earns you TWO, $15 gets you three, etc. etc.
On FEBRUARY 13th (just in time for Valentine’s Day! (hint hint)) I will draw FIVE slips from the hat, probably on FB LIVE (because lately it seems i can’t get enough of it). Names drawn will win coaching!!!
You might ask, “But BigZig, is there a catch?” Well…
The coaching will be by ME!!
Yes, that’s right! I will be your coach for 90 days, absolutely free. What does that mean? That pretty much will be determined by YOU (or the person who you give the prize to) after we have a chit chat. Why? Because blanket-style coaching isn’t for everyone! After you win coaching, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Assessment of “where you are” and help you decide “where you want to be”
  • Customized plans to help you achieve your goals
  • Frequent check-ins based on your needs and preferred methods of contact
  • Support and encouragement along the way

Here’s what I WON’T do:

  • Tell you what to eat
  • Tell you exactly what to do
  • Try to sell you supplements or gadgets
  • Force you into a plan cleverly disguised for MY goals

Ready to get involved? Ready to WIN SOME COACHING?
Excellent! Here is the link you need for donations. Hey, if you can’t do $5, I TOTALLY understand. For crying out loud, we just had to pay over $600 for heating fuel. Maybe you could donate $1? I would appreciate any amount that you can give, and the Special Olympians will appreciate it as well.
Oh! I just thought of this! ALL DONATIONS WILL WIN YOU AN AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF ME PLUNGING (provided i get my hands on one). If i can’t get one from this year, you’ll get the one above. SUCH A DEAL!!!!

Thank you all for your time and donations.

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